Wednesday, 9 February 2011

tibbr - At Last! An Enterprise Social Media Tool based on sense

I attended the launch event for a new enterprise social media platform called tibbr last week in Southwark.  Made by Tibco, the platform extends their reach from their solid base in the corporate middleware and BPM world out across the organisation.

Enterprise Social Media is a beginning to creep onto the agendas of corporate boardrooms in Europe, but few organisations understand the blurring of identities between employees, customers and the company itself.  tibbr is ahead of the game in enabling a sophisticated blend of enterprise information with personal social media tools.  

The cloud-based app brings together the best of public and private social media platforms by enabling users to aggregate feeds from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, with people followed at work, internal processes eg invoice payments or expense claims and internal themes like marketing, HR or business development and access all of this on a clean-looking Facebook-style wall.

I was quite impressed.  It will give many of the existing enterprise tools which have been clumsily constructed from applications designed many years ago to do something else, a significant run for their money.

Check it out:

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