Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Smoke Fairies and the Ethics of Free

I called in to Piccadilly Records in Manchester this afternoon to watch the wonderful Smoke Fairies play a free, in-store acoustic session ahead of their show tonight at the Ruby Lounge which, unfortunately, I can't attend.

They were everything they hoped they'd be. Shy, talented, a little nervous. They played around five songs, one of which I captured below.

After the set, they nipped behind the counter to sign copies of their album and singles. Their album came out last year and featured in Piccadilly Records Albums of the Year, as it did in my own.

For me though, I'd done all my listening via Spotify. They were hard-pressed to sign a playlist though, so I picked up the CD (and when I say that I mean I did actually purchase it) as a nod of thanks to the Smoke Fairies and also to the record store which does a great job arranging these in-store shows and which also curates an excellent weekly email which summarises the latest diverse and not so diverse releases.  I heartily recommend that you sign up for it.


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