Monday, 13 May 2013

I bought what?

I love my Kindle and find that I read many more books now than I used to do in dead-tree days.  

I also find that I buy more books.  I do tend to get around to reading them, but I am definitely more impulsive than previously.  Some of this is to with the occasional promotional offers and price reductions.  Some of this is also to do with the ease of purchasing books via the Kindle store. I can over hear a conversation about a book and quickly Google the title; I can click on the link in an article or review or, as I did this morning, I can cast my eye across the train carriage and nosily wonder about the book being read by a fellow traveller and more-or-less immediately start reading it myself.  Of course, and somewhat ironically given the social components now built into the Kindle-reading experience, the passenger across from me needs to be reading a physical book if I'm to have any clue about what he or she is reading at all!  (I'm sure some kind of smart-cover technology will fix this soon enough, although who'll then joyfully admit to enjoying 50 Shades of Beige whilst on public transport?)

Anyway, that's not the point I'm making here.  Well, obviously it is, but only as an aside, if you will.  No, the point I'm making is that I accrue as-yet-unread books in my Kindle library at a rate of knots, sometimes so enthusiastically that I forget I've made the purchase.  So, after finishing a book, when I consult the library on my Kindle I'm often pleasantly surprised to find things in my possession but just as often perplexed when I can't remember what a particular book is about or what prompted me to buy it in the first place.  

Now this is where things are a bit broken.

What I'd like to do very quickly, on my device and within my Kindle library-listing itself, is click through to the book description also used in the main Amazon bookstore, and possibly the reviews.  You know, just to remind me why I was stimulated to make the purchase in the first place.  But of course I can't.  On a traditional Kindle device, all I get is the title and author.  At least on a Kindle Fire, or by using a Kindle app on an iOS or Android device I get to see the cover, which may go some way to jogging my memory, but it's not as good as having quick access to a review, for which I need to fire up a browser and trek across (first-world-problem alert) to the Amazon Kindle store, search for the book, find the description and reignite my memory, before closing the browser and reopening the Kindle or Kindle app and starting to read.

I fairness to Amazon, this did used to be a little easier on iOS devices when access to the store was available from within the app and before Apple implemented one of their famously counter-intuitive waves of control-freakery and banned this little boon to customer experience, but even then the descriptions didn't really accompany the title in the library listing.

Anyway, there we have it... 

In summary:  Can we have a precis of a book's description accompanying it in individual Kindle libraries across apps and devices please?  Thanks.

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