Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I've used IA Writer quite a bit on the iPad and am starting to use it on the Mac to see how it goes. 

You can run it in a small window amongst the relative clutter of your desktop, which seems a bit daft. The app makes much more sense in glorious full screen, removing all of those distractions and allowing for greater concentration. 

Focus Mode looks even more splendid on the Mac, as what you've written slowly fades from view, enabling clear focus on the very sentence… the very word you're writing. 

Now… what to write about. 

Well I'd like to get a batch of blogposts racked up. I used to be pretty prolific, both on my own blog and especially when writing for The Next Web. These days, I tend to share content in faster, shorter bursts via a range of social platforms new and old. Certainly Twitter and, to a lesser degree Facebook, but also spaces like new kid on the block, paid-for service or ADN as the kids call it. 

Actually the kids don't call it that because they aren't on That's because it costs $50 a year and they don't want to/can't afford to pay... aside from which they've never heard of it. 

I tell you where they used to be… Facebook. They were there when they couldn't get their heads around Twitter.   Now, for whatever reason, they're all over Twitter but also flooding 70s-style photo-sharing service Instagram, which is more or less a social network in its own right. 

But blogs isn't really where anyone seems to be any more… at least not in my immediate crowd. If they are blogging, I'm not reading, so something's broken. Which is a shame, because it's nice to read a good blogpost from time to time. It's often even more fun to read and get involved in the comments underneath blog-posts, but other than on mainstream news sites, all that chatter has moved to Twitter… publish a blogpost and tweet a link to it, and people engage with you in Twitter rather than underneath your blogpost. The engagement is welcome wherever it takes place I suppose, but it can be a bit scattered and unfocused, even with the best tagging strategy in the world. 

So, for what it's worth, I'm going to blog again. More for the discipline than anything else. 

Unblocking the block.

Yes I know... I've blogged about blogging... the ultimate cliche.

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