Thursday, 27 October 2011

Housekeeping Suggestions for iOS 5.01

This isn't comprehensive... I'm just starting a list. They're not major, just annoying in the current state.

All Notifications Off!

There used to be a switch that allowed you knock off all notifications in one go so that you could sleep peacefully at night until the alarm app went off in the morning.

Now you have to dig into the labyrinthine Notifications menu and remove all apps from the Notification Centre one by one. Don't think so. I have taken to switching off my phone completely at night and banging my head on the pillow several times according to the hour I wish to wake.

Clear All switch in Notifications View

If you have lots of different apps pinging alerts at you all day it doesn't take long to rack up a lengthy ticket-roll of notifications to scroll down when you drag down from the top of your screen to see them.

Currently you have to clear them in chunks, all mail messages, all tweets, all Foursquare logins and so on.

This isn't as much hassle as the lack of an All Notifications Off switch, but it could still do with tidying up.

Newsstand Icon

You should be able to shift this into a folder... it isn't of interest to everyone. There is a super-tricky Kung Fu Jitsuduko method of achieving this now by swiftly moving the Newsstand icon over another whilst the folder-creation animation is still running but I've never been able to make it work.

I'll think of some more later.

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