Wednesday, 3 June 2009


I'm not the first and certainly won't be the last traveller to bemoan the state of mobile signal across the UK rail network (voice, never mind data). Last week I listened to @documentally tell the tale of how he streamed live video and audio from a speeding car and yet we struggle to complete even the briefest of conversations when travelling by train.

Yes yes, I know there are tunnels. Yes yes I know we're sitting inside metal, signal-deflecting boxes, but come on, there must be a massive commercial opportunity based on consistent send-to-end signal provision on public transport systems, no?

How many people use the train? How many people attempt conversation and give up on frustration? I just had to bail on a telecon simply because I was destroying the call as the auto-announcer kept blaring my constant arrival and departure from the conversation.

It would be easier to Skypr from an iPhone or laptop using the wifi laid on by some traincos, but this service has already been laid low by a demand far in excess of current weedy supply as more and more devices try to grab a slice of any available broadband.

Ah well At least I managed some offline RSS catchup and blogging.

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